Why Buy Original Art?


  1. You’re supporting an artist/small business not a multi-national company with millions in profits. You know who created it and their process.

  2. Be original. You own a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art that no-one else has. It’s not in anyone else’s home or being printed repeatedly for thousands of other consumers to purchase. It’s all yours and nobody else’s.

  3. Nude walls aren’t happy walls. Original artwork breathes life and colour onto bare walls and can truly transform your space.

  4. Hours of work and a lifetime of learning goes into creating each piece of artwork.

  5. You truly connect with an original piece and the artist. It’s not a cheap, impulse buy.

  6. Visual and emotional enjoyment for both you and your visitors.

  7. Curating your own collection of original art reflects and expresses your own personality. It also creates a sense of accomplishment.

  8. Art inspires thoughts, dreams and conversation. There’s not much to say to visitors about a print that is available everywhere. Original art has its own story.

  9. Original artwork is higher in value and quality than mass-produced prints.

  10. You can commission original art specifically to suit your style and space.