Why I Do Not Use Oils In My Acrylic Pours

I don’t use any oils in my pours. None. Nada. I am anti-oils, actually.

You can easily create cells without oils. All you need is a good pouring medium (my favourite is Floetrol), acrylic paints and the right recipe and consistency.

As well as being an artist, I run fluid art workshops and in each workshop I show and explain to them why oils are not needed. They then get to see their results without the use of oils and are always impressed. Even seasoned pourers looking to fine tune their skills at a workshop are surprised as to why they bothered with oils for so long. The results without oils are so much better!

But Youtube tells me I need oils!

Oils and water don’t mix. We all know that. Oils can create cells. Pretty large ones. There are hundreds of videos on Youtube telling people they must use oils to create cells. This is simply not correct.

What are the types of oils people use?

They’ll put a few drops in their cup of either: Silicone Oil, Treadmill Oil, WD40, Coconut Hair Serum, Dish Soap, RainX, Olive Oil and the list goes on…