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Hi there


Thank you for purchasing Art Supplies with the Creative Kids Vouchers. I have received an unprecedented demand for orders and I am working through them each day.


I just wanted to let you know though, your order may take longer than normal to receive. But don’t panic, it will arrive!


There are a number of reasons for this:


  • Processing of Vouchers – As they are not typical "cash orders", they will take longer than normal to reach you.  The NSW Government has extended their processing times for Vouchers due to shorter working hours in relation to Covid-19. It can take anywhere from 7-10 days for them to process and accept the vouchers.  I cannot ship the packages until I have confirmation from the Government the vouchers have been accepted. Once they are accepted, your order will be picked and packed and sent out to you.

  • Covid-19 – Sourcing stock is considerably harder right now and also with the pandemic, it extends shipping of the stock to me, and of course, to you as well. I may hold a package an extra day or two to ensure all items are included.

  • I am only a small business – I pick, pack, manufacture some of the supplies myself, source supplies, unpack the supplies, process all the vouchers, chase up missing details, arrange the couriers and also run art workshops during the day. I do not have a warehouse of people (I wish!). The good news is I have put on temporary staff to get the supplies out faster to you.

  • Chasing up missing details for vouchers. Please ensure you include ALL the details required (Voucher Number, Date of Birth and Full Name). Be sure to send through Creative Kids Vouchers not Active Kids. It will save processing time if all details are correct. 

  • Please ensure you pay any amount owing as soon as you can. Supplies cannot be posted until you have paid the remainder amount. Payment details are available on your Order Confirmation email. 


So please, rest assured your supplies are coming as soon as possible. You will receive a notification email or text once the order is on its way. It may take anywhere from 7- 14 days for them to reach you (and in some cases, maybe a little longer). I know you and the kids are eager, but please be patient and I’ll do my best to get them to you as soon as possible.


If I have any questions regarding your order or the voucher you submitted, I will email you. If you do not hear from me straight away, that is a good thing and I am busy processing your order!


I do sincerely thank you for supporting my small business and I would love for you to tag me on social media with your kid’s creations!


Kind regards



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