Are you a maker & creator?

I am expanding my collection of Workshops in 2022 and I am searching for makers and diy artists in the Illawarra, Sydney, Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands, Western Sydney & Central Coast regions of NSW.


It is my aim to offer workshops that not only teach, but empower and inspire. 


If you're passionate about your craft, and you would like to earn extra dollars teaching a workshop, message me to discuss.

It is ok if you haven't taught a workshop before as long as you are eager, confident and have the skills.  

I am seeking teachers in the following fields:

  • Artists (art, craft, pottery, jewellery, floristry photography, etc) 

  • DIY (power tools, home maintenance)

  • Hairdressing

  • Makeup

  • Small business

  • Gardening

  • Fields I haven't covered but you think would make a great workshop