Art is a valuable tool to help us manage our mental health. Many people find fluid art to be very therapeutic (including myself), and no matter your level of experience, creating art is a wonderful distraction from the every day stresses of life.

Workshop participants even find learning how to mix the paints very relaxing. At home you can take your time choosing the colours you'd like to use, preparing your paints and eventually using your favourite technique to pour the paint.

Just relax and create


When I create I tune everything out. I go into my own little world and whether or not I have music or the tv on in the background, it is my time to just be present. To simply relax and create.

An important point to remember is... It doesn't really matter how the painting turns out – it is the process that is most beneficial to our mental health. 

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn a new artform

Workshops are all inclusive. I ensure all workshop venues have disabled access and carers are able to attend free of charge.